• About Business Strategy Game

We have a module throughout the semester. It’s BSG. This is my first exposure to such a simulated business game. We were asked to create our own shoe company online. I and my team member need to make a change every week. We need to constantly adjust our strategies to get different consumer feedback. This is a great opportunity to increase communication and cooperation as a team. 

  • Game review

At first, our brand was positioned as a luxury brand. That means we have to keep high prices and high quality. So we invested a lot of equipment in Asia. This is what we do in the first year. we Increase productivity in Asia. and we get good feedback. We market share up to 26.6%. Our image rating is number one among all companies, is 72. After we made the first adjustment, a lot of data changed at the same time. There are some red indicators. To be honest, sometimes I don’t know what impact this will have on our company. We discuss among teams and keep exploring.

In the next two years, we still maintained a high-end market positioning. We made minor adjustments: we Increase the quality / Increase the wage in Asia and North America. We rethink the strategy and close the shop on LA.

However, We forgot to observe the strategies of our competitors. Later we realized this huge mistake. They signed up with celebrities to boost their sales. This makes us lose good opportunities. And we haven’t fully read the player guide, we may ignore certain numerical reminders. Therefore we changed the plan, change our product from high quality to low quality. And focus on the Asian market.

  • What have I learned?

First, you need to understand all the rules so that you can better control everything. You need to have precise positioning and planning for your brand. Second, when you make some change strategies, you need to think about it comprehensively. In other words, you need to combine all the details. You need to discuss it with your teammates. The team will be a good support when you have no idea. Furthermore, you need to observe competitors and analyze their strategies. Think again about your decision.

Actually this is really hard when you really own a company. You need to apply all the business knowledge you know to the company’s operations. That means you need to control everything.

This my first time to do this. It is not perfect. We lose the game but won the experience.


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