The atmosphere in London this week has been electric, cause Frieze is back!! Frieze is an art fair. You can experience multiculturalism here. More than 160 galleries around the world will exhibit their works here.

The “Art Fair” is a professional market form that combines art goods to show exchanges and transactions and combines artistic aesthetics with the commodity economy. It is a new thing for the whole world, and it has been less than 50 years old.

whether for contemporary art or traditional art, the art fair has played a basic role in eliminating the geographical location restrictions, integrating artist resources as a network to solve the imbalance between the demand for the art collection and the supply of limited galleries.

Art fairs stimulate contemporary art creation and promote the development of the local art environment. Frieze has grown from the original contemporary art review magazine to the contemporary art fair. So far, “Frieze” has gradually evolved into a large art group including publishing, exhibition, education and other businesses. The exhibition includes many sections. “Main” is a gallery with a long history and influence in the industry, such as the Gagosian Gallery and the White Cube Gallery. The “Focus” section more focuses on promoting the work of emerging artists. Besides, the “Projects” section is made by the Frieze Expo Organizing Committee or invited artists to create artwork for the Expo (Frieze London, 2019). After developing from a single art exhibition to an art group, Frieze as a brand is a guarantee for the quality of the exhibition works. For mature artists, art exhibitions like Frieze help artists focus more on artistic creation rather than spending extra time promoting their works. For emerging artists, the brand effect of the art exhibition itself is an endorsement for them. Frieze is good platform between artist, gallery and buyer.


In addition, after developing from a single art exhibition to an art group with brand effect, art groups also began to consider the sustainable development of the art industry. “Frieze” combines traditional sales art projects with non-sales art projects, which shows that art fairs are not only about money but also reflects it’s artistic ideas and viewpoints as an art creation initiator through their projects.

Frieze, as a rising star in the art exhibition, although it only has a history of more than ten years, has become a huge art group that seeks the sustainable development of the art industry and undertakes social responsibility. Judging from the long history of the art fairs, not all art fairs can exist all the time. Today’s Art Fair is no longer a by-product attached to the art gallery system, but an organic part that has a great impact on the art ecology.


Frieze London 2019: Highlights Including Talks, Solos, Themed Shows and Curated Programmes. (2019). [ebook] Available at: [Accessed 17 Oct. 2019].

Morgner, C. (2014). The Evolution of the Art Fair. Historical Social Research, pp.318-336

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