A few weeks ago I went to the Design Museum with my team members. This is my first visit to this museum in London. Although not big, the exhibits inside are very interesting. You can explore innovations and inventions from around the world in this museum if you want. We mainly visited the exhibition name was “Beazley Designs of the Year”, which including the most innovative designs across fashion, architecture, digital and graphic design.

I found two products of particular interest I want to share with you. 

The first product is LIA.

It is the first and only flushable and biodegradable pregnancy test. The color of the product is pure white. The customer segment is a pregnant woman. As we know the pregnancy test sticks we only use once. And the pregnancy test sticks on the market are basically made of plastic. That means it is a non-recyclable waste. As data by Lia (2019), the plastic pregnancy test is contributed to two million kilograms of non-recyclable waste to US landfills each year. Another fact is people haven’t been a major update to the pregnancy test in over 30 years. Lia’s company design a way for a pregnant person to reduce non-degradable waste. In a study conducted by a third-party lab, Lia biodegraded 100% in soil in less than 10 weeks! That was faster than organic cotton and on par with many organic materials (like banana peels) and more than 20x faster than a cotton tampon (which takes, on average, 5 years). It is responsible for consumption and production. The living environment of human beings is getting worse and worse, and all we can do is to improve our consumption habits step by step. Choose environmentally friendly products. LIA is a good choose when you need buy the pregnancy test.

The second product is denqul, which is a mobile battery charger.

This is a muti-function product. The color of the product looks good. It is pure light color. The customer segment is people who want to get a way for victim to generate their own emergency power-supply. 

If at the time of the disaster, your phone is out of power. At this time you need denqul, a mobile power bank that can generate power by itself. It can ensure the power supply of your smart phone. Keep in touch with the outside while keeping the lighting on. You can use one-handed operation for mechanical power generation. You just need to pull out its handle and generate electricity like a picture. Also, you can be used as a storage container in daily life.

There are still many exhibits in this exhibition that have not been shared with you. If you are interested, you can go to the official website of the design museum to learn more.


Denqul (2019) Nendo. Available at: (Accessed: 25 November 2019).

LIA (2019) The flushable test – Is Lia really flushable. Available at: (Accessed: 25 November 2019).


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