We discussed advertising with Helen Robinson in Week 10. Nowadays, technology has changed the world, and the way advertising is being transformed. “big data” is still the keyword, it is everywhere in our lives. In other words, data has become a new common language for human beings. Everyone can be digitized. Mobile media has become an important part of life services. For the advertising industry, changes are also needed. Almost everyone has a mobile phone in contemporary society. We are receiving information from everywhere on the Internet at all times. We are in the age of information explosion, so how to make the brand stand out from the flow of information explosion. This is the ultimate purpose of advertising. The advertising industry needs to make changes in different channels, different brand stories, styles and characteristics according to the brand. The all the aim is to get the ad noticed. 

We need to choose an advertising appeal: rational or emotional appeals. Also, we can choose different expressions. According to Appelbaum and Halliburton (1993) says we can use a variety of formats. Such as:

  • Slice of life
  • Story around product
  • Testimonials by experts, celebrities, ordinary people
  • Talking heads
  • Characters associated with products
  • Demonstrations
  • Product in action
  • Cartoon
  • International vs national

Also, Yeshin (2006) suggests that effective advertising must satisfy the following:-

  • Be derived from sound marketing strategy
  • Take the consumer’s viewpoint
  • Be persuasive
  • Find a way to break through the clutter
  • Prevent the creative idea from overwhelming the strategy

During the class, we were asked to form a group to share ads with different formats points: 

Product in Action:  Apple – Air pods pro

It uses about three formats in this ad: Characters associated with products/Demonstrations/Product in action. The product is the key, and the state of the user when using the product is added with music. At the same time, the small headphones are amplified and decomposed to satisfy the user’s curiosity. At the same time attracted by the subtle structure. 

Global: We accept – AirBNB

It use about three formats in this ad: International vs national/Characters associated with products.

Airbnb is a well-known company. It is an online marketplace for arranging or offering lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences. The existence of Airbnb means that you can rent a house almost worldwide. But not everyone can rent a house, and some landlords don’t want to rent it to you. E.g Disaster victims. People who’ve been displaced, whether because of war or conflict or other factors, are acutely vulnerable to not being accepted. And they are the people who really need housing indeed. So Airbnb started by providing housing for evacuees of disasters and have since provided housing during 54 global disasters. They partnered with organizations dedicated to the needs of refugees around the world. The hosts that appeared in the video were Airbnb, indicating that they were willing to accept and join the event.

Through analysis, we can find that advertising does not only use a single format. Usually, an ad will use several formats to expand the effectiveness of the promotion. How to choose the right formats to match the brand of style and product is we need to consider.


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