The brand is at the heart of the marketing strategy.

Many factors can affect product prices, such as Product and Image differentiation. In fact, the image of the packaging of the product will affect the choice of consumers. Most people prefer to choose products with good packaging if it has the same prices.

In the supermarket, it is also a bottle of still water. Why Evian’s still water can sell more expensive than Saninsbury’s still water. The fact is Saninsbury is a regional brand, Evian is a international brand. When a foreigner is choosing water, they are more likely to prefer brands that they have heard or understood.

This is the effect of the brand.

Brand positioning is important when creating a new brand. You need to set the new POPs & PODs. Points-of-parity associations (POPs) are not necessarily unique to the brand but may in fact be shared with other brands. In other words, That is the common characteristic of similar brands.

Points-of-difference (PODs) are attributes or benefits that consumers strongly associate with a brand, positively evaluate, and believe it is unique than others.


Then we can see the information on packaging:

  • Natural Mineral Water
  • Building a circular economy together/ 100% recycled plastic/ seeking Zero plastic bottle waste
  • Delicately crafted by nature over a 15-year journey through the French Alps
  • For a unique balance of minerals.
  • Untouched/ naturally pure and refreshing taste

The POPs are “Natural Mineral Water”. The PODs are “by nature over a 15-year journey through the French Alps” and “untouched/ naturally pure and refreshing taste”. The history of Evian natural mineral water is above all the history of a unique natural site born during the Ice Age, almost 50,000 years ago, in the heart of the French Alps in Evian-Les-Bains. The rain and snowfall in the catchment area of the plateau of Gavot, the precious drops acquiring their unique mineral composition during a 15-year-long journey through the rocks before being bottled at the source. It uses the number to show reflecting the water specificity and preciously. “Building a circular economy together/ 100% recycled plastic/ seeking Zero plastic bottle waste” Its aim is to show the brand’s duty and good brand image.

A brand mantra is an essential part of the brand. It is an articulation of the “heart and soul” of the brand. That means it is the core of the brand. Designing the Brand Mantra including Emotional Modifier/Descriptive Modifier/Brand Functions.

For example, the brad mantra of Evian is “Untouched by man. Perfect by nature”. The emotional modifier is “Perfect”, the descriptive modifier is “nature” and the brand functions is “untouched by man”.


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